Remove Bios Password for HP Mini – Compaq Mini

Remove Bios Password for HP Mini – Compaq Mini:
HP Mini 1000, HP Mini 1100, HP Mini 110, HP Mini 210, HP Mini 311, Compaq Mini 110C, Compaq Mini 110, HP 2230S, HP Mini 1120LA, HP Mini 1151NR, Compaq 700….
If you see this screen on boot:
Enter CURRENT Password: [_______________]
We can help you Remove Password, right now !!!
You just enter 3 random passwords one by one and see if you get a similar [System Halted] message with 10 chars Error Code. (e.g CNUXXXXXXX, 2MCXXXXXXX….)


Let’s me know the 10-digit Error Code and Model Name
You will get the password to unlock your laptop.
You will get a full access to your laptop and to all BIOS settings
You will be able to setup a new BIOS password anytime.

If the password doesn’t works, you will get 100% your money back !
Thank you for interest !

Sale Price: 10 $

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  1. Michael martin viết:

    Hp mini 311 1037NR administrator password locked out- Hash code 77283887
    Where do I pay the $10? Need ASAP please help!

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