If you see this screen on boot:


We can help you right now !
You just enter 03 random password one by one and see if you get a similar System Disabled message:



If the HashCode not show, try enter these:
First password: 3hqgo3
Second password: jqw534
Third password: 0qww294e
Then the HashCode will show on screen (5×4 digit): XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Finally, let’s me know your HashCode

You will get The Password to unlock your Laptop.
You will get a full access to your laptop and to all BIOS settings
You will be able to set up a new BIOS password anytime

If the password doesn’t works, you will get 100% your money back !

Supported Models (not every model is listed):
Fujitsu LifeBook E4010, E8010, E8020, S7020, E8420, LifeBook T900, Lifebook P1120, Lifebook P-Series, T5010, Lifebook T4410, Lifebook N-Series…
Fujitsu Stylistic ST5032D, Amilio Pi 1556, Amilo Pa 3553, Amilo 2540, Li 1720, Amilo Xi 1525, Xi 1526,
Amilo Pi 2530, Pi 1505, Sa 3650, Li 1818, Pi 3525, Xi 1546, Amilo Xi series, Pi 3540, Pi 2540
Amilo Pro V2000, Amilo Pro v2065, Amilo Pro v2060….and more

Sale Price: 10 $

4 thoughts on “Remove password bios Fujitsu

  1. kaspars says:

    hello I have Fujitsu Lifebook AH512
    Quanta FH5B DAFH5BMB6G0 Rev: G
    with bios password

    needs to be remove

    the long code is:


    we also have original bios dump where original password is stored

    if you need that bin file we can give to you

    the best way is get it this original bios password , if not we need master password for that

    ready to donate some money for your help

    my Skype:djkomix

    wait answer soon as possible

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