• 2 13th, 2014
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Removing Bios Hardware Password and Boot Block on Acer Aspire 1360

Sometimes laptops while still on factory settings have a default password that protects the BIOS and at times even the booting of the machine itself.

If ever in this situation you can send the hardware in one of the maintenance labs , and they will very nicely sort it out for you. The problem is that this costs 75-100 euros + time.

The protection actually is created by a hardware switch ( otherwise they could just tell you the pass right ).

Not too long ago i had to do something of than nature with and acer Aspire 1360.
Took a few pics in the process too , to document it better.

Step 1: On the left and on the right hand side of the laptop we have to remove two little plastic covers


which underneath , hide a screw each.


Step 2: Unscrew both of them.


Step 3: Push the LCD back. The Middle panel ( power button, wifi, etc ) needs to be carefully lifted on both sides.


Step 4: the keyboard is next. For this you have to be even more careful


Step 5: Now , underneath the keyboard we find the switches we were looking for.


Step 6: You will find 4 horizontal switches. The 1st one says ‘Password Check’ and the 2nd one is for the Boot Block.

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