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Unlock password bios Dell

Remove BIOS Password for Dell Mini

Remove BIOS Password for Dell Mini (support Bios Password, not Harddisk password) Very simple, you enter 03 times random password, then your screen will be show the message System Disabled with HashCode XXXXX: Then let’s me know this HashCode and you will receive password for unlock your Dell Mini. [wp_paypal_payment]  

Remove BIOS Password for Dell 2A7B/D35B/A95B/595B

You will get the Master Password that will remove both Admin/System Password. – Also HardDisk unlocking. – You don’t need any additional tool. or XXXXXXX-A95B or XXXXXXX-595B – HardDisk Lock the Service Tag (11 chars): XXXXXXXXXXX-2A7B or XXXXXXXXXXX-D35B or XXXXXXXXXXX-A95B or XXXXXXXXXXX-595B With Dell Mini (Dell netbook, works only BIOS password) : Try enter 03 […]